We have acquired substantial experience in all aspects of Land Surveying including providing survey services to large Utility providers. We are proud to call American Electric Power Company, East Kentucky Power Coop, Kentucky Utilities Company, Louisville Gas & Electric Company and Dominion Virginia Energy our trusted clients.

Whether you need your family farm surveyed or you are acquiring easement rights to a 40 mile utility line, AGE can provide the necessary services for your project.  AGE surveyors utilize the latest in technology to acquire survey data in safe, accurate and efficient manner.  Types of survey equipment utilized:  Trimble RTK GPS systems, Trimble Robotic Total Stations, Topcon Reflectorless Total Stations, Trimble TX5 Spatial Imaging Scanner, Trimble SX10 and Sea Floor Systems Autonomous Hydrographic Survey System.

Types of Surveys Performed


Route Surveys

Route Surveys are surveys of the narrow long corridor in which highways, gas and electric transmission lines are to be constructed. These include the survey of topographic features, lines of land ownership & easement locations.


Easement Surveys

Easement surveys are used to define the location of and type of easement being created. Easements are used to grant access to or use of a parcel of land to someone other than the owner.



Subdivisions are surveys for the creation of multiple tracts or multiple lots inside a given parcel of land. Subdivision can include the dedication of right-of-way and streets or just the subdivision of land.


Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys are survey of the existing conditions/physicals features including ground surface , utility locations, streets/roadways and structures. Topographic surveys form the base layer of all site designs.


Boundary Surveys

Boundary surveys create a map of  the deeded record of ownership with the existing physical features as found on the ground and monument property corners with permanent locatable monument.


ALTA/ ACSM Boundary Survey

ALTA/ACSM surveys are used by Title Attorneys and Title Insurance providers in the preparation of title commitments for use in acquiring title insurance. The stringent accuracy requirements and detailed chain of title research make this type of survey a very important factor in defining the location of property lines and easements.

Spatial Imaging

  • Spatial Imaging surveys are a 3D Dimensional scan of a focused area. These surveys capture Millions of true to scale points on the surface of any item.  These might include: Electrical Substations, Building Facades, Interior of Buildings, Streetscapes and a host of many of other applications.

Geospatial Imaging

Construction Staking/Layout

  • Construction Staking/ Layout is the precise layout of items to be built during the construction of buildings, roadways, dams, bridges and utilities.

Flood Elevation Certificates

  • Flood Elevation Certificates is a survey of structures located near the floodplain. The intent of these surveys are to facilitate in issuance of flood insurance through FEMA.