About Our Company

AGE Engineering Services began in 1992. Douglas Gooch left the Kentucky Department of Transportation’s Somerset District Office # 8 where he had spent the previous 4 years in the operations section. Steve Austin brought to the company skills from work as an Engineer for Hitachi Manufacturing. In 2004 Douglas Gooch, having acquired complete ownership of AGE Engineering Services, incorporated the company to become AGE Engineering Services, Inc.

AGE has a current staff of 33 employees. The professional staff consists of 7 licensed Civil Engineers, 5 licensed Surveyors, and 3 EIT’s. AGE currently has Engineers and Surveyors who are licensed in Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, and Tennessee.

AGE operates Eight (8) field crews. Work for these crews includes construction staking & layout, survey of electric transmission lines for various electric utilities & substation sites, survey of gas transmission lines, topographic surveys and gathering accurate site data for the engineering staff.